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Whether it’s for competition, law enforcement, or tactical usage, the extended Tac-Latch has been field tested by industry experts to ensure a quick purchase for regular or emergency operation. The advanced design cuts down on the two-step process of releasing the latch on the left-hand side and then pulling back on the grip to release the bolt.

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Truly ambidextrous charging handle with all mil-spec components and designed with a full 1” extended Tac-Latch on the right to clear scope, accessories and mount on top rail. Tac-Latch offers quick and easy malfunction clearance. Tac-Latch actually engages the left side latch as the hand grabs the charging handle, so the Tac-Latch offers fully fluid-motion, one-step pull design. Extended latch features a comfortable groove that fits your natural grip. Precision machined from premium-grade aluminum billet and hardcoat anodized for extra strength and wear-resistance.

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